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Team Rules

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Team Rules

Post  F1 AssetoCorse on Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:24 am

F1 HQ (F1 Headquarters)-Circuit Fighters GR is a club created by 2 Greeks-F1 AssetoCorse and F1 Vagmars.Although the team has many Greeks,we are an International team.We have created a very nice and friendly atmosphere in the team and we always listen to what every member has to say or propose.We have teammates from all over the world-England,Ireland,Brazil,Germany and France.We try hard to keep things organised and give everyone in the team a specific role.Normally when we race online we like to do it on A600 and S700 classes,but we also like to have fun in other aspects of the game like Cycled production races,custom stock car races,soccer matches etc.Every time we are trying to race as clean and fast as possible.At this moment we are ranked #6 on the Leaderboards on both these classes(A+S).

This is what we offer:

-Top leaderboard tunes always available on our team garage,

-Top lobby cars with track specific tunes also available for all team members,

-Very friendly atmosphere in the team and respect to all members on and off the track,

-Frequent Team races,Cups,Championships with nice awards,

-Help and tips to make you a better/faster driver,and

-A team website/forum +a Facebook Team page where you can read all news,communicate with the other team members and have fun Very Happy

This is what we want:

-The F1 prefix added to your gamertag sometime on your 1st week as a member.

-Everyone who carries the F1 team prefix acts as an ambassador of the team at all times so,all team members should behave in a professional manner.This means clean lobby racing and avoiding being drawn into conflicts.

-Respect for your teammates and co-operative spirit.

-Activity--All team members are expected to be active in-game.This means participating in Team Events such as races,cups,team time-attacks etc. whenever possible.

-Participation--All team members should check the team forum and facebook team page frequently to see what we are doing,and to participate in team discussions.Being part of the team means more than just carrying the F1 prefix so share a joke, a bit of news, an opinion, a raceā€¦Be a good teammate and participate.

-Hotlapping--Members should be working toward setting times on classes and tracks we have already the leaderboard tunes in our garage for.We are interested in getting as many drivers in the Top 100 of each track as we can.We've got the best tools available and can give you all the help you need.

Failure to follow all team rules may result in a dismissal from the team.

F1 AssetoCorse
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